Fake News & Made Up Truth

Fake News & Made Up Truth by Steve Fly “Keep it unreal”—Mr. Scruff. 
“Literature is news that stays news.”—Ez. The question "is it real" and "is it true" reverberates throughout the global village, sounding all the more desperate and panicked to me, as we all grapple with our place in the village, our individual identity and cultural identity, race, and hyperconnected cultural backlash. The black mirror of 2016.    I see fundamentalist materialism leading some once open-minded people down a concrete path to absolutism, and the dissolving of any critical method of analysis left. Some literally can't see the forrest for the trees. I feel that without some understanding of how our sensory nervous system operates, how humans tend to colour and edit perceptions, for the most part unconsciously, we will continue on a trajectory of global disinformation, lies, untruth and paranoia. Unless you take daily precautions and develop a sense for critical thinking, suspend your judgement, at least temporarily, the global village will have a tendency to seem full of fakes, snakes and events that do not fit your cagey convictions.   We all produce a kind of fake news to ourselves and to others. But stay with me here, we decide to narrow down the infinite flux of being, the infinite possibilities, to a particular point/opinion. A story, a single event, a particular such and such. Which is fine, unless the language you are using implies that your story is the only story, the true story, the singular almighty perception of the all seeing "I". And it seems to me that alphabet cultures have a tendency to lead to such a confusing of levels of abstraction. Alphabet cultures are ripe for fake news and made up truth, hell a good lawyer can prove anything these days, and a good old crafty orator can capture the hearts minds, and gullibility, of a nation of voters.    "Nothing is true, everything is permitted"--Hassan I Sabbah.


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